Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Vine of Intense Longing

Where are you running to?  What is to be found at the end of your pathway?
Should we walk, crawl or run to the Castle?

When one finds oneself unable to fulfill one's heart’s most cherished desire, and still is desperate to achieve the goal, the heart melts. At this point, feeling unworthy the devoted one begins to experience humility. In such a state, the one may cry incessant tears in separation from the object of one's devotion.

All alone, and lamenting with a morose and heavy heart, and a sense of deep longing in one's loneliness, the devoted one takes shelter of the rosary mala by chanting God and Goddess's Great and Holy Names repetitively in the darkness of night, when the rest of world sleeps. The devoted one, living a quiet life, withdrawing oneself from the external fickle joys and sufferings of this world, achieves the desired goal.

Without performing devotion (Bhakti-yoga) like this, with a melted heart and tears of bliss, how will the heart be purified of material desires? The forests within the Kingdom offer the devotee happiness and ecstasy not like anything we could possibly taste within this world. Therefore the devoted one completely surrenders to God's will and most humbly petitions Him to be kind and disclose is what the best way to receive the darshan (an audience with Whom the devotee prays to)?  God and Goddess's Hearts are flooded with mercy. Therefore, be we can pray that They may be pleased with us, even though we may be fallen or weak.  We can petition them to bestow upon us just a drop of real love, thus guaranteeing the devoted one's audience with Them.

We can pray:

"May Your mercy illuminate and overwhelm my heart.  Bowing down before the Two of You I beg, kindly grant me Your service, for You can easily do so.  Let me be with You always.  I place my head at Your feet and request You for the supreme blessing.”

“What blessing do you want?” They might ask you

“Consider me Your property. Accept me as Yours, please hear my intense longing and be gracious towards me. There is nothing you cannot make happen. You are free to do as you anything You like, for you are God and Goddess, supremely merciful and all-loving.  Hear this devoted one's request.”

They repeat, “What is your request?”

The devotee replies, “This devoted one is humbly asking if, for even a moment, I might engage in loving You, together with all of Your loved one's who in the forests of the Kingdom with you.  I have yearned for You for more than a million births.  I have an intense and unabating thirst."

“What sort of thirst is that?” They ask

“An insatiable thirst which leaves me unsatisfied,” the devotee cries...... earnestly.....

"I long for You to appear on the pathway of my eyes. Even though I may lack some qualification, I swallow my arrogance and pride, and unabashedly present my request to You without fear or shame.  When will the beauty of Your Faces shine upon the pathway to my heart, exhilarating me with great spiritual happiness?  I am tired of roaming the streets of materialism, and yearn to walk upon the soft grasses in Your Kingdom, and pick flowers for Your Hair."

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