Sunday, September 5, 2010

Permission To Shine

Permission To Shine

Do you need permission to shine? 
To be as powerful, beautiful, fully expressed and successful as you are in your soul.

Allow the sacred light of your being, to radiate and illuminate within you.  Bless those around us by reminding them subconsciously that there is a greater reality to which we are all connected.  Bless our selves, and allow the Divine to pour through us, and allow the voices 'in the shadows of this fragile human life' to bathe us so that we may feel a more expanded, connected sense of ourselves, as being in relationship with the Divine. 

"There is nothing inside of me that is unholy or unlovable"
"There is nothing inside of you that is unholy or unlovable"

Now take a moment to recognize that we have been created whole and perfect by God's beauty and grace. 
We are made of love. 
There is nothing in this Universe that is not created by God. 
Even the demons were created by Him. 
If everything is made of His energy then everything in you and in me is made of Love
(even those things we believe are not!).

If everything comes from God
then you should know that there is nothing in you, nor in me, that is not acceptable or love-able.
So I say let that person without sin cast the first stone.

If you are a person who judges others, STOP.... take a breath and choose to look for the good instead.
The reflection in our own mirrors is plenty dirty requiring our repentance and forgiveness. 
Surely our own reflections is enough to give us a lifetime of focus within.
Why then are so many looking in others mirrors?

Surely our lives are meant for inspiring one another, and seeing the glory of God's love within the wonder of each individual one of us?  For we are all made of the same essence....... love.

If you look for the good in others you will find it.
If you look for the dirt, you will find it also.

Practical Application for the week:  Notice what you focus on when you meet and spend time with people?  After you have talked with someone, do you then criticize them with your mouth, or inside your mind?  Or do you think good thoughts and focus on sending them love and healing?  Take a week to be honest with yourself and see where you are not shining, such that you are reluctant to give others permission to shine.  See where your judgments lie and cleanse yourself with repentance and prayer until your thoughts reflect the beauty of your true nature. 

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