Sunday, July 24, 2011

Magdalen at Rennes Le Chateau

Yesterday was the Birthday of Mary Magdalene (July 22nd), now called the Feast Day of the Magdalen.  It seemed an appropriate day to update my blog, since we left USA excitedly over 4 weeks ago, heading for the sacred isle of Britain and then onto Rennes Le Chateau and Carcassonne region of Southern France in search of the history of the Magdalene and her beloved companion. 

Mary Magdalene Stature from Sauniere's Rennes-le-Chateau Church

Our first Grail experience was to meet up with the amazing Templar Knight (past life for sure!) Ben Hammott ( who has written numerous incredible books on the Magdalene treasures that exist in Rennes Le Chateau in France.  Also known as The Tomb Man, who is the star of my favorite documentary BLOODLINE the movie, we felt honored that he accepted a lunch tea date with us at St Albans Cathedral in England.  He brought with him some of the 2,000 year old artifacts that he found in and around Rennes Le Chateau area, as he followed a trail of clues left buried in the countryside, by Berenger Sauniere, the Priest of the infamous church, over 120 years ago!  His story is amazing, and more than I can fit into this blog today, but it is well worth the research if you are interested in knowing more about the Holy Grail.  I would seriously suggest going to Ben's website ad ordering his incredible book about the Lost Treasure of The Knights Templar. 

I will post a short film of our fantastic meeting upon my return to USA after August 15th, until then, please watch the documentary (  so you have a heads-up on what amazing treasures have been found in Southern France.  The story is really so Dan Brown, it is brilliant and highly addicting, but well worth the research!  Ben allowed us to open a beautiful old wooden box, wherein a 2,000 year old clay cup, glass vellum and alabaster jar lay.  Getting to hold these artifacts in my hands was more than a life-long dream for me, to think that this jar had once held the oil of Spikenard which Magdalene had so carefully and lovingly anointed her love, Jesus, as a marriage rite!  It ran chills down my spine.

The countryside here is stunning, and the energy vibration high.  Rennes Le Chateau is a little Church sitting on the top of a hill, surrounded by nature.  The views are outstanding.  The Chapel / Church of Rennes Le Chateau was not at all what I had expected.  It was much smaller than I had thought it would be, and the vibration was so much higher than I could ever have imagined.  To sit in this little Church, surrounded by hidden clue's, messages and Holy imaginations was so much more enjoyable and spiritual of an experience than any other Church ever.  

Over 100 years ago, Berenger Sauniere became the Priest of a small run down ruined church. When he started rebuilding the old Church and renovating, he came across a 'Royal Crypt' under the altar, wherein he found 2 bodies, one of a crucified mummified man, said to be the Royal Jesus, and the other of his wife Mary Magdalene. Inside the tomb were ancient documents belonging to the Cathar's and Knights Templar who protected the Grail history for 1,000 years until their brutal mass murder on Friday 13th Oct 1307. where millions of so called 'heretics' were killed, by the Pope who ordered the King of France to kill them all. How very Christian of them!

Of course, they didn't want their secrets to die with them, so the story goes that less than a handful of these Guardians of the Grail escaped, and buried the treasures and secrets under this mound which is now Rennes Le Chateau. Anyhow, Sauniere suddenly became mega wealthy, and I mean from poor to mega rich overnight, so obviously what he found was quite substantial.  Some believe the Church paid him to keep quiet about what he had found, others say he smelted some of the gold he found and sold it off, to fund the renovations he made to the Church, and to fund his lavish lifestyle with his secretary and 'friend' Marie Dernarnaud. 

The Knights Templar had excavated some incredible treausure from beneath the foundations of the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem, some say it was the Arc of the Covenant, some say great treasures of gold and artifacts, but whatever it was they found, they amassed great power and wealth, equal if not exceeding that of the Roman Catholic Church, which of course, the Church at the time saw as a great threat, hence the extermination of these enigmatic Cathars and Templars!

However, the clever Cathars and Knights Templar had built underground catacombs much like those in Jerusalem, and created a "new Jerusalem" here in Languedoc region of Southern France, wherein they buried their secrets, waiting for future generations, who they no doubt hoped would be more liberal than those 1,000 years ago.  Some of these treasures have now been found by my new friend Ben Hammott, including a tomb, wherein the body of a 2,000 year old mummified royal corpse lies surrounded by treasures, books and scrolls.  Could this be the Holy Grail he has found?  Has Mary Magdalene been waiting all these years to be discovered, and finally revealed to the world as the wife of Jesus Christ, and will the Goddess finally be returned to the Throne of God, to sit beside Her Beloved to restore the sacred balance within the Universe, and also in us?  The story continues........ and revelation is here.........

Blessings from France,
Krishna Rose

Sauniere claims that he found evidence proving that not only was Jesus married to Mary Magdalene and had children, but that he survived the crucifixion and moved with them to this region to flee persecution by is own people.  The altar energy really surprised me, as up until now, my research had led me to believe Jesus was buried in Srinagar, Kashmir.  However, I have to say, the energy here in this Church was the closest thing to Holy-ness I have experienced to date, other than standing before the Samadhi Mandir of Rupa Goswami in India (holiest burial site of Vaisnavism), or sitting before my Holy Master, Srila Narayan Goswami, who has now also passed over from this world. 



  1. Dearest Krishna Rose,
    Thank you for being brave to tell the true story of Mary Magdalene and the clarity to write about it. Now all may benefit from knowing that Their love and beauty prevailed and that They, Mary & Jesus left such a legacy. They tried to defame her but alas she has come to triumph over their lies. You, my little soldier of love have fought gallantly for the Goddess and are blessed for this for sure!

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