Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Passion of Christ

To the Gnostics, Cathars and bloodline followers of Yeshua, known as Christ in the modern world, Jesus did not die to save anyone from sin.  The implication that a loving God, which God is, would require a bloody sacrifice for his satisfaction of any sort is unthinkable.  Yet still to this day millions of Christ followers believed that Jesus, the Messiah, the most famous Jewish man in history, was killed for them, so that they could be saved!  One cannot be saved by someone else.  The teacher comes to implant the seeds of wisdom whereby the follower can him/herself do spiritual practices to attain the goal of life i.e. entrance into the Kingdom of God, or pure Bhakti (devotion to the Divine).  By one's own merit, due to the causeless mercy of the Guru/teacher, the disciple can advance according to their own daily efforts.  An example of this is the nuns and monks of all religions, Buddhist, Hindu, Catholic, Christian etc who daily recite chants, incantations and prayers to invoke the mercy of God.  It is the recitation of God's sacred Holy Names, over and over again, that ultimately frees us from sin, not the death of a beloved teacher who came to Earth to enlighten us with his sweet teachings.  Jesus suffered and died on the cross, not because of our sins or to save us, but because the Sanhedrin, the leaders of the Jewish temple, were envious of his magnetic appeal, and holy abilities, which they lacked.  He spoke and elaborated on teachings in ways that elevated ones consciousness out of rules and law mentality.  They, however, could not expound on the scripture in this way, because they did not live the path, they merely followed the rules of the path.  Envy was the real reason for Jesus's suffering and death.  To those who lived and breathed with the Master, one cannot imagine every saying to them that Jesus died for their sins!  It would have been unthinkable.  Jesus was a Shakti-Vesa Avatar, predicted in Judean, Roman and Ancient Indian Sanskrit texts.  Shakti-Vesa means a person within whom God has invested all His energies for a specific purpose of bringing souls back to the Kingdom.  This line of holy masters still continues to this very day.  Not necessarily because they are bloodline of Jesus and Magdalene, but more so, because they have realized the Kingdom, they have seen it within their own inner eye, and this is their qualification to give the Kingdom to others.

Practical Application:- Today, take responsbility for your own actions in life.  Do not think that you are being saved just because you are Christian, Hindu, Vaisnava, Catholic, Muslim or any other religion.  You must think good thoughts about others, do good deeds to others, lift people up everywhere you go, and never try to pull someone down.  Walk the path of love in every instance.  Make friends wherever you go, do not preach to someone, rather love them and build trust so that wisdom may be exchanged.  We do not need anyone to convert to our way of believing, for that shows lack of faith and also lack of integrity.  If you have faith, walk it.  Become like Jesus, live like he lived, walked like he walked, talked like he talked, heal like he healed, eat like he ate, fast like he fasted, pray like he prayed, love like he loved.

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Krishna Rose


  1. You are right. Each life we are given we promise to redeem ourselves through acts of love, compassion and giving of ourselves in as many ways as possible. The path Jesus lit is within in Gospel of Thomas. It is a path of self-discovery, awakening and enlightenment. The Kingdom is within. He and his beloved Mary Magdalene were wiser than the Sanhedrin and Pharasees. Jesus said, Jesus said, "The Pharisees and the scholars have taken the keys of knowledge and have hidden them. They have not entered nor have they allowed those who want to enter to do so.
    God bless you,
    Ariadne Green

  2. Nice one Krishna, I like this truthful blog. Brave girl! I agree and I'm learning more facts. Yeshua was such a big cosmic deal that to have murdered him was a bit like murdering ourselves, not giving ourselves life! What a joke, to say that there was some advantage to having crucified him. When he got tied to horses, dragged to the cross, nailed up there and left there to die (not that he did), the heavens cracked and our doom was spelt. That's why things haven't been very hunky dory for the last 2 millenia. We're still beautiful and able to do what we like with the gift of life, but we're all paying on some deep and indiscernible level for the murder of him. Eventually, the righteous will find the same heaven that he tried to bring us on Earth but how much we ever succeed in bringing that heaven here, is another matter.

  3. Real Nice Krishna.. Well articulated and crystal clear for those seeking the Truth of the Self