Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The World is A Bridge

It is not a new God that I speak of, but of Almighty God Who has existed since all time and Who will still be, after the end of things.  It is of Him that we discourse to everyone, who, like innocent children, are not capable of comprehending God by the simple strength of their intelligence, or of penetrating into His Divine and Spiritual Sublimity.

There is a silence where the soul may meet it's Maker, and where the fount of wisdom is.
All who enter are immersed in light nd filled with wisdom, love and power.  The silence is not circumscribed, it is not a place enclosed within a wall, or guarded with the swords or words of men!

Men carry with them the secret place where they may meet their God.  It matters not where people abide, on mountaintops, in deepest vales or in the quiet home, they may abe oce, at any time, fling wide the door and find the Kingdom within the silent repetition of God's Holy Names, for it is within one's soul.

God gives you this, and assures everyone of nourishment.  For He is the nourisher of the orphans and the provider of the poor, and offers those who are troubled recovery and peace.

The world is a bridge.  Pass over it, but do not settle down on it.
The world is but an hour.  Spend it in devotion, for the rest is of no worth.  Do not build upon it.
Those who seek the world are like those who drink sea water.  The more they drink, the more they thirst, until it kills his life.  The world consists of three days.  Yesterday, which has passed, from which you have gained something or nothing.  Tomorrow, of which you do not know whether you will reach it not.  Today, in which you exist, so avail yourself of it. 

Practical application of the day - Do not waste precious time, no put it off for tomorrow, for tomorrow may never come.

The words of Yeshua from Gospels of The Essenes.....

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