Monday, August 23, 2010

The Basis of Faith - Foundation of Devotion

What is the Basis of Your Faith?

Is your faith dependent upon stories?  Would you lose faith in God or Jesus if he hadn't died upon the cross 'for you'?
Would you lose faith if you found out he was married and had children?
Is your faith based upon the teachings Yeshua gave to the world, or is based upon church doctrine which have nothing to do with the life and times of Jesus? 
Does it matter if Jesus' mother Mary was not a virgin?
Would it change your faith if you knew that Jesus had 5 siblings, 4 brothers and a sister, who all came from the womb of Mary? 
Would it shake the foundations of everything you exist for if you knew that Jesus survived the crucifixion and went on to live a full life in France and India with his family, preaching in Eastern countries?
Does it make Jesus's words any less powerful if any of the above were true in reality or not?

Practical Application for Faith, the Foundation for Devotion:

If the idea of Jesus having been married 'offends' you in any way, take this day to ask yourself why it affects your life so deeply?  As a Jewish Rabbi, was he entitled, if not expected to marry to continue his bloodline?  His human-ness should in no way shake anyone's faith, for that faith has no solid foundation in anything real.  Jesus walked, lived and breathed as a divine being, but nevertheless he had a body, and therefore had attributes of humanity within him.  It does not make his teachings any lesson powerful or important if he was married and ha children.  It is not un-natural to marry and have children. 

Focus on what constitutes your faith.  If Mary was married 3 times as history reveals, and if she bore 5 children from her womb, one of them being the Divine Teacher Yeshua (Jesus), how does this make her love or Jesus's message any less powerful or important?

There is nothing 'wrong' with having being married and having children. 
Women are not 'less' because they have children, they are MORE. 

If the teachings of the Master matter more to you than what he did or did not do in his lifetime, then your faith is rock solid.  He did not come here to Earth to have you worship that facts of his personal life.  This is so American gossip column!  Whether he was married or not, and whether he had children or not matters ZERO.  His words, his deeds and his powerful teachings are timeless, and that is ALL that we should focus on, for that is what he came to give us.  Whether Mary was a virgin or not is not the focus for us.  In reality whether she was married or not, makes not one bit of difference to the teachings and power of Jesus's words and deeds.  History books tell us she had five children, Yeshua, James, Joses, Judah, Simon and a daughter Salome.  Does ths mean she is any less important, powerful or pure? 
Why is a woman considered 'pure' only if she remains a virgin her whole life?
Where does this belief come from?
 The ancient one's would have thought it very strange for a young girl from a powerful lineage like David, to not marry and have children!  It would have been unheard of it.  It would be her duty in fact!
Surely a woman who bare's children naturally within married life is still able to be pure, powerful and divine.

Check in honestly with yourself today, and question what makes your faith. 
Is your faith threatened by someone who believes different to you?
If so, your foundation requires some work.  Do the work to fill in the cracks and holes, and build your temple upon strong faith based on spiritual practice and teachings which make you more spiritually devoted and pure in consciousness. 

I in no way intend to offend anyone's belief, I honor Jesus and Mary to the highest degree.  I am merely here to present questions to help faith become real.

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