Monday, March 6, 2017


There are a deluge of self help books and 'guru's' touting new ways we should be happy, which imlies that we are not happy, and that happiness is some sort of requirement in society. 50% of the population is addicted to one sort of anti-depressant medication or another. If you are one of those that doesn't take anything for your depression, please reflect, just because you don't 'do drugs' or 'take pharmaceuticals' doesn't mean you don't self medicate. Overeating, alcohol, overspending, compulsive sexual habits, addictions of one sort or another to take one out of 'reality' even if for but a moment, seems to be the modern day answer to the blues. Needing to constantly be busy, whether on your cell phone or constantly needing to be busy texting, or rushing from one 'crisis' to another, is a sign of either being genuinely successful in business, or being addicted to the 'need' to be busy. It takes one out of the present, into useless chitter chatter, that has become the norm for almost everyone. Distraction is the new drug. I see people taking a walk whilst talking on the phone, lunching and talking on the phone whilst in good company with their friends, texting whilst driving (not recommended!)..... it's an addiction as much as any other addiction. What is happening in society, as it speeds up, is we are becoming addicted to adrenaline, which is a hormone released when we are stressed. We live on it, and eventually learn to love it. But does this make us fulfilled, or leave us all feeling less and less connected to our natural environment?

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