Monday, November 29, 2010

Dare You!

I dare you to step into your full grace, full power, full potential, full glory and beauty, to express all your talent, no matter what pressures you have in your daily survival.  It doesn't matter whether anyone ever see's or hears your creative expression, what is important is that you express it, for it is the key to our very existance.  Without creativity, we are as good as dead.  That special sacred flow of the pencil to create an image or words, on paper, of that which we feel in our souls.  Techniques do not matter, it is a natura flow of energy, something we all did for many hours as children, therefore, we can see, that is holds great importance to us, for lest we be like children, we cannot enter the Kingdom.  We hold ourselves back in so many ways, and think that being 'cool' is to be unexpressive, to not show one's feelings and emotions.  That to be angry is 'wrong', to be depressed or sad is a 'sickness', and that only people who are 'good' or 'talented' at art, writing or singing should be expressing themselves, because otherwise we will be 'seen' as something less than perfect by the world?!  It is terrifying for some people to open up and let their voices be heard. The modern world tells us we should do botox so our faces show no emotion, since emotion will 'ruin' our faces with laugh and grief lines.  We are given the royal families, politicians, church leaders and entertainers as our role models for society. 

So what does Mary Magdalene have to offer us in our modern era?  We have deduced that she was not a prostitute as church leaders fed us for the past 2,000 years..... did you know that the Catholic Church made an 'apology' for their wrong doing to her name, back in the 50's? It was a tiny article, 2 paragraphs long, hidden in the middle of a church paper that was sent out, and unless you read it then, which is unlikely, you will never know that the church admitted it made a mistake by calling her a whore all these years, and that in fact she was not a prostitute, but a disciple.  Should have been front page news as far as i'm concerned!  "WOMAN WRONGED FOR CENTURIES" being the title.....

Mary, also known as Mariamne, or affectionately Marjan, was a devout woman.  She fasted, prayed and took vows of silence for three decades of her life.  She birthed 3 children to Jesus, one girl and two boys, who became the backbone for the stories of the Holy Grail mysteries.  She dedicated her life to sharing what she had learned with all and sunder.  Later in her life, living in Southern France, she founded many churches and became a leader of the new movement which was sweeping through the Western world.  She healed the sick, taught love of God, took people into retreats and fasted intensively with crowds there, to induce a state of trance through prayer.  She was a wealthy woman, and dedicated her life to those in need, becaming a leader in her own right.  She was known to have gone to Rome, where she fought publically with Peter and Paul who were changing the teachings to suit their preaching efforts.  Paul was doing a great job of making new disciples, but he told them that they didn't need to follow Sabbath, and other 'Jewish" laws, Mariamne's argument was "the commandments given are for all man-kind, not only Jewish brothers and sisters, therefore they must follow, just as we must".  Paul defied her.  Hence we have a Christian nation not following one of the basic laws that God gave us "thou must keep the Sabbath holy".  Sabbath was never on a Sunday.... it was always sundown to sundown Friday - Saturday.  The Sabbath is important for us alone, God doesn't 'need' anything from us, He is perfect, complete and fulfilled in allways.  He gave us this law, so that we might have time away from the stresses and strains of survival, and spend quiet quality time with family, thereby keepingthe families intact and whole.  Each Friday night as I light my Sabbath candles, I am so grateful for the space it creates in my family home.  To have no movies for a night, no phone calls, no driving, no shopping, no computers, or socializing.  It is holy indeed for it creates space and peace for contemplation.

The church has been founded on a lifestyle which has no trace or semblance of how Jesus and his followers actually lived and taught. There was no reverance expected or demanded by the disciples, no fancy costumes, or long winded rituals, no places of worship were built wherein people would pour forth all their hard earned money, so that Bishops and Cardinals could govern palaces of great opulence.  The people have been mislead. 

The simple life that Jesus, Magdalene and the disciples lived, was simple.  No expensive robes, or jewels, no fancy hats, cathedrals or lengthy surmons on our evil doings.  Rather, they taught to love one another and to love God, so that we could live a spiritually inwardly focused life.  They gave techniques by which one could attain the Kingdom, such as intensive fasting for extensive periods of time, to purify the mind and body of worms which cause one to think ill thoughts of others, and desire luxurious things to taste and drink.  They never drank wine, nor smoked, nor indulged their senses in extravancies.  They ate a vegetarian diet (they did not eat fish, or meat as church would have you believe!), they donned the simplest of cloths, and let go of all external trappings of wealth, despite, themselves, being Kings, Queens and Princes by royal birth.  Taking their disciples into the cathedral of natures own opulent halls, where they would fast, pray and take vows of silence, as together, they would gain great insights and experience love for God. 

Pracitcal Application for the Week:

Start taking note of where you live in extravagance.  What 'things' are you addicted to, that you 'can't live without' on a daily or weekly basis.  Write them down.  Are you excessive with food, drink and sex?  Do you over shop, and have too many things, such that your house and cupboards overflow with items that are for the most part un-used.  Yet, still shop for more?  Are you addicted to coffee, cell phones, texting, browsing the net, porn, recreational drugs, food?  Where do you spend money and time on things for yourself to make yourself 'externally' feel better, yet internally no change is happening?  At least the internal beauty regime should be equal to the time spent in the outside world nourishing and beautifying the external body and senses.  Is prayer a part of your daily life?  If so, is it something you do ritually, like you 'have to do it', or is it a deep spiritual inner movement done with a heart full of reverence and devotion?  What is the purpose of prayer and fasting?  What is the Kingdom that we have been told to search for?  Where is it, and how can we attain it?

These are some of the things I will discuss in next weeks blog spot!  Blessings to you my dear brothers and sisters.... together we must journey inward..... so mote it be...


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  2. Brightest blessings Krishna Rose! Enjoyed reading your blog post and the lovely music that you share!

  3. Line 3 "see's" is "sees." Line 8 "natura" is "natural."