Friday, July 9, 2010


If we spend our lives seeking after 'things' for our happiness, we will find ourselves disappointed, for even if we find them, we lose interest in them & evenutally want for something more. The end result does not fulfill desire and usually entails a waste of one's precious time, trying to attain it. If we choose to ignore the way reality works, we will achieve nothing but a wasted life. Krishna, Buddha and Jesus, along with every great teacher who has come to this world, all taught this essential truth. It is hard for us to recognize the nature of impermanence because our desire for pleasure is so strong. But if we are true to ourselves, we will see, that no matter how much we acquire, none of these things brought us actual happiness.

"Away with the man who is ever seeking, for he never finds. He seeks in places where nothing can be found".


See where your time is being 'wasted' on the chasing of material happiness. Are you working in this moment for God's pleasure, or for your own? Will this thing you are doing bring you ultimate happiness, or temporary happiness, or sadness and loss? Be honest with yourself, and find the strength inside, to move towards doing something for your higher purpose. Try three times in a day to reflect honestly upon this teaching, and find inner strength from God and Goddess to move away from the object of your focus. Try spending time chanting, repeating God and Goddesses Holy Names, praying or meditating.

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